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Drink the rainbow



Why Drink the rainbow? 

Cold press juice is an easy and fantastic way to increase and include many different nutrients and antioxidants into your diet. They work by enhancing your energy, skin complexion, metabolism, immunity and more.

It is important to drink all the colours of the rainbow to make sure you are getting all the important vitamins and minerals in your diet.  

With the Drop Cold Press juicer, you can easily ingest all of the vitamins and minerals extracted from the fruits and vegetables. Drinking the juice compared to eating fruits and vegetables increases the absorption rate by four times.


Here are some of the amazing benefits:


Carotone (Orange & Carrot)

Healthy skin / immune system



Anthocyanin (grapes & blueberries)

Healthy eyes / cardiovascular health



Lutein (kale & celery)

Anti fatigue



Lycopene (tomatoes & pomegranates)

Anti caner / cardiovascular health



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