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Our Charity Partners

$1 from every Drop Bottle sold is going towards DROP4DROP a charity bringing clean drinking water to the communities that need it most. You can read more about them here. 
With the help of DROP4DROP we have completed two wells the first in  Nkasi Community in Mpigi, Uganda and the second in the Dhantali Tapu Community in West Bengal, India. Plus we are very excited to announce that we have a third well on the way in Lilongwe Malawi, West Africa.  

Nkasi Community in Mpigi, Uganda.

Community name:  Nkasi 
Location:  Uganda
Population:  302
GPS:  N 00°02.308' E 032°03.187'
Many Ugandans face the frequent issue of having to spend much of their income on medical bills to care for family who suffer from water-borne illnesses. Rather than attending school, children have to walk miles a day to collect water from natural sources which is often shared with cattle and livestock. As women and children bear the burden of water collection, this new community pump will ensure the prevention of water-related illnesses and will allow children to concentrate on their education and women to enter paid employment.

Mrs Nakazzi Annet,
36 years

Dhantali Tapu Community in West Bengal, India


Community name:
Dhantali Tapu
Location: West Bengal
Population: 822
GPS: N26.613393 E89.799882

I am Surabala Das wife of late Jaleswar Das. I live at Dhantali Tapu. This place is very remote and backward. Dry land between the two rivers is called Tapu. There are very big problems at Tapu. Like-Proper electricity, safe drinking water, good schools, medicine shop etc. This new water source will be good for our health and productivity.
Surabala Das,
50 years
Thank you so much to everyone for your support and contributions. We will be continuing to donate $1 from every bottle sold to DROP4DROP.