How to Make the Perfect Detox Water with DROPbottle

Healthy diets and appropriate hydration go hand in hand.

Water is vitally important when it comes to staying healthy and vibrant. Did you know that you should be consuming approximately 2 liters of water daily?


This is why we have created our very own DIY Detox Water equation!

Give them a try and don't forget to tell us your favourite combination.



Why chose DROPbottle?

- Double walled borosilicate glass
- Stainless steel fruit infuser
- BPA free materials (no nasty toxins)
- Wide mouth
- Travel handle

Australia and International Shipping Available



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  • Shannon Bales

    What kind of water should I use with the Rose Gold bottle to infuse my fruit. Should I wash the bottle before I use it and what do I use to clean it? How long do I need to let the fruit infuse before drinking it?

  • tonika benning

    Usually they say over night but I’ve let it “cure” for 2 hours and it worked

  • Sandy Harris

    How long do you have to let the ingredients “cure” in the drop bottle before drinking the mixture? Your posting doesn’t indicate anything.

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