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DROP bottle // with you for your practice

skinnyconfidential was feeling stressed, exhausted and had way to much on her plate. Its amazing how a simple yoga practice can put everything into perspective and DROP bottle is there for you 100% of the way! 

@theskinnyconfidential says "I gave myself a break. I wasn’t feeling posting content that night. I was feeling a need to connect with myself, alone.

Anyway, for some reason while sweating, I got emotional.


My body was craving a quiet place with meditation and no work, phone, or human interaction. I needed to sit with my thoughts.

Since then I am feeling clear headed because I’ve made it a point to take time for myself and SWEAT/STRETCH.

Another cool epiphany was the realization that sweating is really not about losing weight or even toning up. It’s about your mind too. If you’re going to take care of your job and your relationship and your body- why wouldn’t you take care of your mind?"

Its important to take some time aside to yourself to bring yourself back to earth and be mindful, and DROP bottle is there for you, whatever purpose you desire!



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